Nowadays Facebook is an essential tool for your company’s online presence. Every business should have a Facebook business page because it gives you a way to promote your brand, product or service and the added benefit of two-way communication.

You can have an ongoing dialogue with existing and prospective customers, promote your offering and show a more human side to encourage brand loyalty.  Furthermore, if your posts are interesting, relevant and engaging, your visitors will help to spread the word and increase your reach through post Likes and shares.

However, maintaining your business Facebook page is not as easy as it might look like and takes a lot of time, effort and resource.  And understanding what all if the stats and insights mean and knowing what’s important can be confusing.

Luckily there are some different techniques and tools that you can use to help – so to get you started here are 10 Facebook Advertising Techniques that will assist.

  1.Using “Audience Insights”

The Audience Insights should be the essential tool for you to maintain a business page.

It is important to analyze your audience, which will help you to choose a right post according to your visitor’s interests and behavior.



The information you get from Facebook Insights includes demographics, page likes, location and Facebook usage. You can check out more here –  Audience Insights.

   2. Utilizing “Page to Watch”

Facebook has a great feature “Page to Watch”. This tool helps you to follow similar pages to you and see their performance.

This is beneficial because you can spot which posts are the most engaging and this information can be used for your own page when you are making a content plan.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 10.27.00 AM

You just need to add these pages to your list and you will be able to see their total likes per page, how many times they have posted on Facebook this week and their total engagement.

You can check the Buffer post to learn more about “Page to Watch”

  3. Keep Posts Under 150 Characters

Keep your Facebook posts short and sweet. The good practice is to have less than 150 characters in your post, treat it like Twitter!

Here is a chart from Buzzsumo research to prove it.


As you can see from the above posts with 50 characters or less get more interaction and engagement than longer posts.

  4. Forget the Hashtags

Hashtags can be very useful, but in different social media channels like Instagram and Twitter. However, they are not that beneficial on Facebook.

Here is a study from Buzzsumo that show post with hashtags on Facebook got less engagement. This will save you a time, as well as you get more bang for your buck with every piece of content you post.



Moreover, there is the article from Socialbakers which demonstrate that more hashtags lead to less engagement.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 10.41.13 AM

A possible reasons is that people just don’t use or care about hashtags on Facebook and they just get in the way!

 5. Directly embedded video

As YouTube is such a famous platform, you will usually see videos posts with a link from YouTube. However, that might be not the best practice.

The study shows that directly embedded videos on a Facebook page result as more engagement, then videos posted on YouTube.



6. Late Evening Posts

There are many pieces of research about the best timing to post on social media channels with most telling us to schedule posts in the afternoon.

However, according to a Buzzsumo study, the perfect time to post is between 22.00 and 00.00 local time. First of all, this time there are less competition that time, which mean that more people will reach your post. Second, a lot of people are still awake and active on Facebook.



7. Pin the Best Post

One great Facebook feature is a “Pin” on the top of your page. This technique will help you to decide which post is the most attractive and keep it as the first post. This feature will allow visitors directly to see this most important post, that will encourage them to stay on your page and look for more.

We’d recommend to identify the most popular post in Facebook Insights and pin it to the top on your page.

8.Ask a Question

People like to be a part of interaction. So ask your audience a question on a Facebook and they will be happy to share their opinion on the subject. According to Improve My Search Ranking article questions on Facebook post got the highest interaction


It is very easy to change your content from a statement to a question. Try it! Your audience will be happy that you want to hear from them!

9. Call-to-Action button on your page

Interesting fact from the Brandwatch study that the average Call-to-Action click-through rate is 0.9 % click-through. If you consider long-term outcomes for your business we suggest adding a CTA button to your page.

The “Shop Now” is the most popular, however, people click regularly on “Learn More”. Check the graph below to choose what option in the most suitable for your business page.


10. Using “Facebook Groups” to build a community

It is an important impact for your business on Facebook. There are many advantages of creating a Group, such as building brand equity, strengthening your relationships, developing a new relationship and facilitating interaction.



Facebook is the biggest social media channel and it is not going anywhere. You need to learn how to do things beyond the basics and think out of the box and you can find some great opportunities to deliver high-quality leads.

We hope that out tips and suggestion will help you to increase the number of visitors. If you will need any help with your Social Media Management we will be happy to assist! Contact us for more information.