As a business we spend a lot of time and resources ourselves and for our clients to create good quality content and develop content strategies with the aim of driving good quality traffic and leads.

It is important for any business to engage as many potential customers as possible and built a valuable database of prospects who have already shown some interest in your product or service. The main goal is to generate leads and convert those visitors into prospects, prospects into leads and leads into customers.

No doubt, that a steady stream of leads and new customers is a critical for every business, no matter the size . However, it is not always easy to come up with innovative ideas to drive new traffic and attract and convert leads.

Using landing pages and populating with great quality, valuable content is one way to help deliver this and capture new data. And to help here are 6 ideas for your landing page content…



Creating an eBook will help you to educate your customers and prospects, as well as earn trust in your industry and demonstrate your expertise. Clearly ensure you choose a topic that you are expert in and is relevant to your business to drive potential sales. Here is a great example from HubSpot.


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If you would like to learn more about how to create eBook you can download the guide here.  


Compare to eBooks, Whitepapers are a more academic report.s The main goal of this document is to present a problem and provide a solution to it. The information in whitepapers are detailed, instructive and authoritative. That is very beneficial for people who could utilize some new date and knowledge on their respective job.

The advantage of these reports is that they can be written around almost any industry. IMB Marketing Cloud shows a good example of whitepaper content. They offer some variety of documents of a different subject.




A guide is essentially a document that demonstrates or provides instructions on a particular topic. It can come in different shapes and sizes such as simple guides, that are short and contain brief explanations. Or there are ‘ultimate guides’ that are long, contain a detailed explanation, images, and step-by-step instructions.

To give a simple example Schneider Electric offers the latest edition of Electrical Installation Guide in exchange for your email information.


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Your visitors may also also willing to fill out a form and provide their data in exchange for some sort of tutorial.

Probably the best way to deliver this would be in the form of a video course. You can produce video in-house, or hire a professional. There are some options of how you can present a free course. One of them is you allow your visitors to watch first minutes of a video or only limited videos without any commitment before they subscribe. Another variant is to send them a course via email, so they can access in at any time.

Learning platform Lynda does a great offer in the course preview. Visitors can watch a first minute of the video course and them a prompt appear for a free trial.





A trial is a great way to encourage your visitor to try out your product or service before they decide whether they are willing to spend their money on it. This is a good approach to grow a loyal base of customers that are bought into your service who feel like you’ve already done them a favor.  In order to get a free trial, the prospect simply has to fill out the form with their personal details, without any obligation.

Here’s is an example of Nimble CRM free trial for 14 days. Notice that they do not ask for a credit card and allow you to try all features.


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If you would like to highlight features of your product or service, you can offer your visitors a demo. If your audience is ready to learn more about your product they will be more than happy to share their contact information. You can place the demo call-to-action on the main pages of your website to drive traffic to the landing page. This is a great way to not only collect visitor’s information but promote your product at the same time!

Demonstrating this, here is a sample of Nintex workflow live demo for a specific product feature.


Landing Page



There are many versions of lead generation content and only by experimenting with different ones you will understand which is best for your business and your target audience.  The main purpose after all is to capture data and generate more leads so you need attractive incentives that will be relevant to your target market.

Creating ideas to generate more leads isn’t always easy and it can be time consuming. So if you are wanting to convert more visitors into prospect contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you.