As 2020 quickly approaches, it’s time we look back at the technology which has headlined this year and made massive strides towards a better future of web development and technology. There have been several technologies which have made huge improvements and then there are new ones which have hit the road running and are here to stay.

Let us take a look at back at 2019 and how it was for technology in web development:

1. Use of Chatbots
If you adopt a Chatbot, then it will enhance your online support by providing more convenience to your customers. Companies bear the loss of nearly $62 million every year because of inconvenient customer services in the USA. Chatbots are widely-trusted to satisfy customer support needs very well. Additionally, you will also be benefitted by the 24/7 service. Doing so, you can save the salary of a full-time online customer service representative and spend that on something feasible.

2. Blockchain
Bitcoins made the year 2018 its popularity year by attaining immense fame this year. And, blockchain is also following the same way. This technology can bring about revolutionary changes in the web industry. Blockchain technology provides online transaction with high security. It doesn’t need intermediaries. This promising technology utilizes standard data storage to allow users to store data in different locations globally. Blockchain makes much easier for banks and financial organizations to keep their customers’ data secure by means of algorithms.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
You must be familiar with the fact that chatbots perform tasks on the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.
Many experts believe that the combination of machine learning and chatbots will have a bright future in the web world.
All over the world, well-established names like Google, Facebook, and Twitter spend a heavy amount on AI and machine learning.
In the future, a web developer may need to adopt features and functionality powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). it is estimated that revolutionary changes will happen in the field of web development.

4. Thriving push notifications
The way in mobile apps, a website having push notifications can take you to a large number of viewers. Moreover, you can also take advantage of this in the online marketing form. Push notifications are found to be the most influential services to grab the attention of visitors and customers. However, you must avoid overusing them. They allow you to inform customers about tempting discounts, their beneficial activities, and many more.

5. AMP prevails
Ever since Google found mobile-friendly websites more important, the responsive web design method became appears to be a promising trend in web design. According to the report from Adobe in February 2017, Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP contributed to 7% of all web traffic for the best publishers of the US. AMP is built to make the whole performance of web ads and content much better when working on website speed and user experience. Its smooth way of working has made it people’s favourite. It promises its own intact place and reputation in the long run.

6. Promising RAIL concept
Response Animation Idle Load (RAIL) designing concept is expected to be in demand in the future. The concept is related to a much faster load time (less than one second) and the outstanding website performance. Its main concern is convenient and pleasant user experience. As per Smashing Magazine, RAIL divides UX into drag, tap, scroll, and so on actions and gives performance goals with a useful structure for the better performance. In a nutshell, the RAIL concept is valuable for a web designer following the user-centric method.

7. Static website
It is widely known that dynamic websites are dominating static websites. However, static websites have not lost their importance as thought to be. We find rising growth in the website numbers these days, a website having a quick load time promises the intact success. A static website can fulfil such purposes and give an economical choice to businessmen. However, web design must be interesting for customers. This trend in web design will have a golden future.

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