How marketers can benefit from Alexa flash briefings.

There is a growing trend of smart speakers in the UAE market. Moreover, the trend is expected to further strengthen in 2018 with the launch of the new Apple Homepod and localisation of Amazon Echo.”

As the technology continues to emerge, the current opportunities mean that now is the right time for marketers to start thinking about how to use it for business.

The Potential for Alexa Flash Briefings

As artificial intelligence and voice recognition technologies continue to improve, natural language processing allows people to interact with a device without using perfect syntax. The software doesn’t have to hear all of the words perfectly. It can guess the meaning from context.

Voice technology is in the same place as mobile several years ago and furthermore voice technology can now understand what we say regardless of inflection, accent, and so on.

Alexa has only about 1,000 or so flash briefings. This lack of content presents an opportunity for marketers.

People will continue to buy smart speakers because they’re so convenient.

Typically, the first smart speaker is placed wherever a person hangs out the most, like the home office or kitchen. The number-one use is listening to streaming music, but people quickly move on to setting a timer or alarms, listening to news, and finding recipes.

To improve your health, you might track your calories by adding calorie-tracking software to your smart speaker.

Right now, Amazon has a massive share of the smart speaker market. About 30% to 40% of users have an Echo, and another 30% percent have an Echo Dot. Google’s smart speakers, Google Home and Home Mini, are the second most popular option.

Marketing Basics for Alexa Flash Briefings

A blunt summary of creating a flash briefing would be -, record and upload your audio file, up to 10 minutes but the recommended duration would be about 1 minute.

Users usually listen to their flash briefings in the morning while they’re getting ready in the morning. The communication goes something like this, “Alexa, play my flash briefing,”, a command to play the briefings you’ve subscribed to such as tech or weather or business.

How to Create a Flash Briefing

An Alexa flash briefing lasts for only 24 hrs and then disappears. But that duration would be apt for new outlets with longer stories. Most marketers can batch-process the audio uploads for several days in one sitting.

Content Planning: A 1-minute Alexa flash briefing lends itself to content that helps you build niche audiences. As an example, a fun idea for Dunkin Donuts might be a donut pairing of the day.

Audio File Creation: Once your content is in place, the next step is to record and edit the audio for your flash briefing. On macOS, use GarageBand to record and edit the audio. On Windows, use Audacity. Like podcasting, you now need to host the audio file online.

Alexa Skill Creation: Now you create an Amazon skill. This would initiate the process of delivering your flash briefing.

How do you do that? First, sign up for a free developer’s account which can be done using your existing Amazon account credentials. Next you will get option to create a new Alexa skill. If you’ve done a podcast before, then what follows is very similar to creating a podcast. If you’re not aware of this process, then a brief learning of the basics of creating a podcast will help.

Note: Use Libsyn, one of the big services for hosting podcast audio files. You can set up a Libsyn account for as little as $5 per month.

Amazon usually takes a day or two to review your flash briefing. Once done, you’re good to go. The whole process takes about 10 minutes.