In the world full of millions online content, blog posts and articles it can be challenging to capture the internet audience’s attention. How can you lead visitors to click on your post? It takes not only appealing design and great content but also eye-catching headlines.

How can you maximise the number of visitors that click on your post? It takes not only great content ideas but also the most eye-catching headlines.

Sometimes it is not easy to create a unique and noticeable headline. In this article, you will learn some prerequisites, formulas, and strategies so that you can grab your audience attention and increase click-through rate (CTR) for your new blog post.

Two Prerequisites For A Powerful Headline

Before we discuss what works we have to focus on one more thing – the type of headlines that convert well.

Let’s see:

The role of a headline is not just to attract someone to your article or blog post.

1. Your headline should grab the attention of the chosen audience.

It sounds obvious but it’s an important element that sometimes gets missed.

When writing headlines, you should focus only on your audience, e.g those individuals that:

  • Need your product
  • Have money to pay for it
  • Are in the position to buy it now

The best headlines are always the ones that appear to have been written specifically for you. When you read them, you feel as if someone had written it knowing everything about you and your problems.

Your headline should bring that same feeling to your audience.

2. You should also make a promise

If you want to get users clicking you must have to include a promise in your title e.g:

How You Can Effortlessly Sell Your Home in Less than 24 Hours

Unless the headline compels the reader to click, they will never read the article. So make your headlines enticing.

So, keeping the above in mind, let’s immerse us in the winning formulas.

Formulas To Write Irresistible Titles and Headlines

1. Direct Headlines

It is a common myth that to capture the user’s attention, the headline should contain a catchy wordplay.

But nothing is further from the truth.

Often, being clear and direct is the most effective way for users to take notice.

Direct headlines, as the name implies, go straight to the point. Do not try to be smart or witty, but simply indicate what is being offered. Here is a goos example How to create a social media marketing strategy.

These headlines work because they do not force the user to think, but present the subject of the article or blog post clearly and directly.

2. Indirect Headlines

Indirect headlines operate in the opposite way and attract our natural curiosity. By reading them, they prompt questions in the reader’s mind that are then answered in the body of our article.

For example:

Headline: “Social Media Marketing is like going to the gym

Body: “You know what it’s like.  You start off with the best of intentions.  You feel keen and full of excitement…”

3. “How to …” Headlines

Starting your headline with a “how to” is certainly a way to get attention.

According to Bob Bly, ” many writers argue that if you start with a” how to “, there is no possibility of writing a bad headline. They may be right. ”

“How to” Headlines work because they offer a promise of information and a solution to the user. For example:

These headlines are also super easy to write, as long as you know what your audience wants of course.

4. Question Headlines

Did you know that questions are the main factors influencing the brain?

A good question can arouse our curiosity and yes attract attention. But for that to happen, the question must refer to something with which the reader can empathise with or would like to know more about.

For example:

“Does the way you use social networks helps you to gain reputation and sales?”

When you write headlines in the form of a question, be sure to ask something that the reader is interested to know.

But there is also the risk of writing something about what they do not know yet.

This strategy is called the hollow of curiosity and focuses on the fact that we are not curious about something we do not know.  But once we discover that our knowledge is piqued and we immediately want to know more.

5. Command Headline

Command headlines tell readers exactly what to do. They contain a strong call to action demanding attention and describes what action the reader should take. For example:

  • Join now for this free course!
  • Subscribe before it’s too late!
  • Order now – limited availability!

6. Testimonial Headlines

Fact: No one can sell a better product than a customer.

Proof points are often the best way to convince users that your product or service has helped others and therefore can also help other people too.

And sometimes, the easiest way to create a headline that catches your eye is to use a direct quote from a client:

  • “[Product] helped me to increase my sales by 132%”
  • “After moving to [product] our productivity has never been better”

This type of title will work well if you’re trying to reach like-minded audiences similar to the ones you already have.


There are certain strategies that could help you get the most out of the formulas discussed above. Let’s summarize them:

1. Surprise the reader

This strategy works because we love novelty. When we see unexpected it surprises us. Thus the surprise is a stimulating factor.

2. Use Negatives

Did you know that superlative negatives (e.g worse, never) work better than positive ones ( e.g better, always)?

According to an Outbrain study, positive headlines work 29% worse than negative headlines.

3. Give shocking information in a Nutshell

It is very important to capture the attention of users with as few words as possible. So we must always answer five basic questions: what, who, how, when and where.

4. Use Compelling Words

Verbs and adjectives are very powerful when it comes to writing an attractive headline. It is most advisable to avoid the use of complex sentences, as well as repetition of words.

As the last one, do not forget that people do not like to be tricked. That’s why you should always remember when you write a headline it must reflect the content.

We hope that our recommendation will help you to create an attention-grabbing title for your blog posts and articles.

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