B2B lead generation is hard work and creating high quality online B2B leads is a constant challenge.

It’s not just about driving the right type of traffic to your site but it’s about getting the visitor excited enough to want to enquire and become a prospect.  And depending what sector you’re in the sales lead time can be weeks if not months.

A recent article from Kissmetrics identified four key areas to focus on to help drive conversion:

  • Firstly, you need to really understand your customers so you can get your targeting spot on.  Develop buyer personas and focus on what’s important to them rather than the key benefits of your product or service. And provide the right type of information at every stage of the buyer journey.
  • It’s common sense but make your website easy to use, ensure it’s responsive and fast and reduce the steps needed to find information or make an enquiry.  Less is more.
  • Once they have got in touch it’s important you also start to nurture and build relationships with those prospects that have made the effort to get in touch.  Segment your prospect base and tailor the message to make it as personal and relevant as possible.
  • B2B lead generation is a team effort so ensure everyone is fully trained on how to effectively move prospects through the sales pipeline and knowledgable about all aspects of your product. The key is to keep asking for more information to ensure you get really under the skin of your potential customers.

You can read the full article and find out more here.

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