Let us start with the burning question. What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a stand alone web page designed to be linked to digital ads brands or individuals run on Google, Facebook and other online channels. These channels are utilized to drive users through your sales funnel while the landing pages are designed to enhance higher conversion rates. If you’re already aware of who Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers are, then you would also know that their primary motive is to increase conversions and generate more leads. Landing pages are one of the most powerful weapons in their armor.

Key points to remember

Style or Substance?

Aesthetically beautiful landing pages is pleasing on the eyes, yes but giving it more importance over intelligent copywriting is a huge mistake which marketers often make. Your copy will give the landing page visitors the exact reason to sign up with you or convert that lead into a sale.

Conversion Rate

Landing pages usually have a 5-15% conversion rate on average but surprisingly get overshadowed by a homepage or other product pages. Although this is a compelling number, creating an effective landing page on your own is a different ballgame altogether. Businesses usually employ a coding expert of their own or hire a digital media agency like Zoom Digital to take care of this task most effectively.

Simply put, advertisers who want to get the most out of their ad spend and optimize ads for maximum conversion should use landing pages.

Some other helpful tips which will definitely lead to more conversions for your business are as follows:

Determine the Right Landing Page Platform for You

Your landing page platform is where you will build your landing page. For those developing pages using code may do this through their website’s back-end. Since the average person doesn’t know how to write code, you will most likely use a landing page builder platform or get it done through a digital media agency like Zoom Digital.

Define Your Goal

The goal of your landing page is your conversion objective; this has most often lead collection, event registration, newsletter opt-ins or downloads. The goal of your landing page should match your advertising goal. Keep your advertising goal in mind to be better equipped to design a landing page that will reach said goal. If you’re using a landing page builder, choose a template that will fit both your goal and brand.

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