With 2017 now in full swing here is our round-up of some of what we think will be the hot topics that digital marketers need to be aware of and focus on this year.

Content Marketing

Not a new marketing technique but more and more companies are using content to drive traffic and are essentially becoming publishers in their own right.

The challenge is to not only keep producing compelling, relevant and engaging content that people want to view and share but to also create content that is going to get cut through and rank effectively.

With an ever-increasing supply of fresh, new content hitting the web every day it’s going to be more important than ever to identify niche search terms to try and rank for and create highly relevant content that your target audience will proactively seek out.

Marketing Automation

Traditionally more the domain of B2B marketers, who use it for sales lead generation and scoring, marketing automation has become more prevalent for consumer-facing companies in recent years.

It’s a technique to help you nurture leads or prospective new customers and ensure that you begin a meaningful dialogue with everyone that registers or enquires.  It helps you stay top of mind and impart useful information so that when somebody is ready to buy or take the next step then you’ll be top of the list.

The key here is to ensure that communications are useful, relevant and add value.  It’s also important that personalization doesn’t suffer and your communications don’t become too generic and obviously automated!

Mobile marketing

Both Google and Facebook have had a ‘mobile first’ philosophy for some time now which has accelerated the need for businesses of all sizes to follow the lead and at least ensure websites are fully mobile responsive.

Clearly, many web users are still using desktop, laptop, and tablets but the cost, convenience, and better connectivity will mean smartphone usage will only increase worldwide in 2017.

But focusing heavily on mobile at the detriment to other channels may not be the wisest approach.  The key is to adopt an omnichannel approach where every potential customer touchpoint, on and offline, is identified and optimized to ensure a great experience.

Account Based Marketing

A technique that gained more traction in 2016 but is set to grow this year is account-based marketing.

Mainly prevalent in the B2B sector it enables companies to take a more targeted approach and identify specific companies or individual to market and promote their products or services too.

The resulting communications and campaigns should, therefore, be far more personalized with messages that will resonate on an individual level.

Traditionally this sort of approach was very labor intensive and so expensive to implement but with advances in technology and automation tools it is now possible to target a select list of potential clients with highly personalized and relevant campaigns.


There is no one channel or individual activity that will deliver on its own.  Every digital marketing campaign needs to be part of an integrated strategy and approach where you are using multiples channels and resources to reach your target audience and ensure repetition of message.

And with the numerous potential touchpoints that customers may experience before making a purchasing decision or enquiring attribution modelling becomes even more important.

Essentially attribution is understanding what media sources or channels are driving sales or enquiries.  This is more difficult that it sounds as a consumer or potential client may see your promotions or ads multiple times via different channels before making a decision.  So the challenge is to understand what touchpoint tipped them over the edge and what impact did the other touchpoints had in the purchasing decision.

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