We live in a world where design trends and tastes are constantly changing.  Some come and go very quickly, others tend to hang around until they’re considered part of the “core”.

In this article, we would like to discuss some design trends That Can Easily be Built with Elementor.  Here you can visit Elementor website to download the plugin.

Gradient effect

One key element of Elementor is the gradient effect. It can include more than two colours, radiate from the side or the centre of the page, or fall horizontally. Many designers have been applying this effect in different creative ways – experimenting with two-tone gradients, using backgrounds with depth to add a level of reality to the design, scouting images with gradient overlays and even adding them back into user interface elements.

Easy design trends with Elementor

Card and grid UIs

The card and grid website trend has been taking over the Internet and doesn’t look like going away any time soon. The extremely neat and convenient approach of organising and displaying information on the page is feeding into the Internet’s need to absorb as much content as possible. Cards work well on tablet and mobile screen, fitting perfectly with the responsive design requirements.

Shapes divider

Elementor’s shapes divider feature lets designers refresh their pages with nice separator effects by customising one of the eighteen starter shapes. The tool gives designers entire control over the different settings that help customise each shape, including its background, size, location, and much more.

Easy design trends with Elementor


Typography is a powerful and visual medium, which is why we can expect type to gradually take centre stage and become the main visual piece of content instead of image or video. As the resolution on our devices increases, so will the desire of brands and designers to push typography to its limits in order to appeal to their users.

Box Shadow

Elementor has just introduced a new Box Shading tool. This is a feature which you can add to columns, elements, buttons and sections. The shading effect gives a unique and modern 3D effect to your designs. Elementor is the only page builder to offer Box Shading and to allow full control by letting you adjust the colour, softness, blur and direction (both horizontally and vertically) of the shadow effect. The feature can take your design from 0 to high-tech in minutes.

Easy design trends with Elementor

Minimalist design, Entrance and hover animations, Authentic, natural-looking photography, Flip box, Pre-made templates, etc., are also design trends that can easily be built with Elementor. As consumers grow accustomed to certain trends and learn how to interact with different designs and elements, designers need to meet a whole list of user expectations to keep them on the page.

Whether we like it or not, our work is greatly influenced by the winds of change in the web design scene and staying up-to-date with the newest and coolest solutions has a direct impact on our success.

If you’re looking for a beautifully designed and visually engaging website which engages users and drive enquiries and new customers then get in touch with us at Zoom Digital Dubai.