Social media management is a crucial part of digital marketing. It was an integral part of digital outreach a few years ago but now you can’t hope to reach any audiences without it. However, as obvious as it is that none can survive in the market without it, there’s still some confusion as to how one should proceed with their social media marketing plan. One of the things that everyone understands is that you can’t lag behind in terms of marketing tactics. Whether you have to hire digital marketing services in Dubai or from anywhere else, you need to get going. The year 2020 isn’t over yet. In fact, some of the most awaited events of the year are lined up in these last few months.

Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and more events are yet to come. Therefore, it’s essential that you try your best to reach out to the highest number of audiences as you can. For this, you’ll need the best holiday social media campaigns to engage with large audiences. Digital marketing is becoming the primary focus for businesses that are trying to reach out to the masses. Various trends and strategies are always being discussed in marketing firms to see which one works out the best. So, let’s shed some light on the reasons why and how you should proceed with SMM:

Social Media Platforms and Their Potentials

It’s clear that brands need to market their identities on social media platforms. With enough marketing, they are able to generate credible leads and generate interest after having established an authoritative identity. There are many examples of how brands increase sales with social media and generate awareness about their new products. A prime example of this can be how Samsung reaches out to potential social media influencers who endorse their products. With millions of followers, these influencers provide huge coverage in various markets. Here are some details you need to know about social media platforms that will come in handy:


If you’re going to market your products online, you need to make sure that you’re reaching out on YouTube. That’s because almost a billion hours of video content are viewed on a regular basis on the platform. Targeted ads for specific niches and audiences can bring about promising results as well as credible leads for all sorts of businesses. The only thing you’ll need to make sure is that your video content is engaging the maximum number of people. Everyone knows that the first 5 seconds of every ad can’t be skipped. That’s the only window you’ll have to convince the viewer to not press the skip button. Other than that, organically ranking your content on top is another way to get maximum views that can work well with paid ads.


Your social media marketing strategy will be futile if it doesn’t include Facebook. The social giant that has over a billion users is mostly famous because of its advertising and marketing platform. You have the ability to make highly specialized and specific campaigns that can bring about good business. In addition to this, the social giant also allows you the opportunity to make an online e-commerce store on your business page. Other than that, Facebook Watch and group interactions are very useful for people who wish to engage with specific narrowed-down audiences. 

It’s essential to find potential consumers and engage with them through these platforms. Any digital marketing agency in Dubai can vouch for this as an essential prerequisite for generating awareness and sales for your brand. However, you need to select the best out of the lot to get fruitful results.


Instagram has been ranking on top as the most trusted social platform among the youth. Since the millennials are used to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has targeted the interests of the younger populous. With similar advertising modules as found on Facebook, Instagram manages to be an essential platform to target for contemporary advertisements. You can combine campaign ideas and the latest marketing tricks from various competitors and engage with audiences to generate confidence and establish an authoritative business identity.

Other Platforms

Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. are some other platforms that have their own respective importance. The key is to understand the type of audience that you have and figure out the best place you can find them all to engage with them. So, make sure that you’re targeting the right audiences and that your interaction and engagement are fruitful. Most importantly, don’t rush things and don’t expect overnight results. Although there are examples of things going viral overnight, it’s best if you don’t base your strategies hoping for a miracle. Most probably, you’ll have to work on it for a substantial period of time with experts of SMM in digital marketing agencies.