Choosing the right inbound marketing software can be a challenge so with this article we hope to provide you with some useful tips and comparisons that will make the selection process easier

The number of inbound marketing tools is growing all of the time so there are lots to choose from, which adds difficulty to the task. From our experience, you need to be guided by three main areas of focus:

  1. Business Objectives
  2. Functionalities
  3. Price

The business objectives, can be defined by answering these questions: Do we want to create a short burst lead generation campaign or a strategy sustained over a longer period of time? What volume of leads are we able to manage? What Inbound Marketing actions do we need to execute to achieve our goals?

The functionalities of the selected tools must meet your requirements, both now and in the future. We can divide these requirements into several groups: SEO management, integration with Social Media, the creation of landing pages, forms and CTA to capture leads, segmentation, and qualification of leads, email marketing, marketing automation, analytics and integration with CRM.

The price we are willing to pay for tools. Normally it is usually a fixed plus a variable depending on the number of leads to be managed, so this point is directly related to the second.

The next step is to sit down with the wider team and decide on the scope and requirements of our project, with our mind focused on strategic objectives, necessary functionalities, and price. There are no unique solutions, but our experience tells us that there are two possible options: the “Mix of Tools” and the Inbound Marketing suites, each with its pros and cons.


This is a suitable choice to get you started with Inbound Marketing. They are also used to manage without large investments and wholesale marketing campaigns with simple requirements and with few leads. We can choose from a wide range, but we will only recommend the ones we consider best, are grouped in the following table:

MIX of Tools

The “tool mix” lacks automation and analytics, and we will have to do a lot of tasks manually, with the consequent loss of time. Many of these tools can be integrated with each other, using APIs, webhooks or Zapier. The process can be complex, and we can lose quality in the qualification of the leads, and quality in the automation and integration of the actions to realize.

A fundamental aspect, when taking this approach, is knowing in advance how we are going to “hook” the selected tools, and the problems that we can find. It is necessary to do a previous research, to try and find the formula that suits your needs. There are no universal recipes, we will have to create our own.

Precisely to solve this problem were born the suites of Inbound Marketing, which seek to integrate all the functionalities necessary to manage our campaigns in a single tool.


In the market there are several Inbound Marketing software tools that allow us to manage and automate the functional areas described above with an integration that will give more power to our campaigns, being able to manage larger databases in a sustained manner over time.

We will focus on what we consider to be the best choice, with more limited resources: Hubspot, Wishpond, Active Campaign, Infusion Soft, and Mautic. There are other tools like Marketo, Salesforce Parrot, IBM Silverpop, Oracle Eloqua or Sales Manago which are complete but are geared towards large companies. In the following table, we have done a scoring of which we recommend.

inbound marketing


When choosing a suite, the important thing to keep in mind is that all these inbound software alternatives allow us to manage the functional areas we have described, although with different emphasis according to each one.

We must choose, what is most important for us, in the short and medium term: email marketing? Do we want more power with marketing automation? We will make our choice accordingly, without losing sight of the costs.

In short, do not forget the magic formula: Strategic Objectives + Functionalities + Price.