The holy month of Ramadan is not just the most auspicious time of the year, but it also one of the most exciting time for marketers. Grabbing the attention and engaging your target audience during this period is a challenge for every brand and brand manager and hence agencies and managers alike must be on their toes to plan and execute the most relevant and impactful marketing campaigns. We, at Zoom Digital have come up with the insightful data and pragmatic recommendations for you to get the most juice out of your marketing initiatives.

F&B Industry

A spike of a whopping 50% higher is witnessed on searches for recipes, especially at the start of the month. As expected, recipe and cooking videos on YouTube are extremely popular during Ramadan and their watchtimes experience the high spikes in the first week of Ramadan. If you have business in the F&B industry or are a food supplier or retailer, this data can help you narrate the most engaging stories and get the most bang for your buck.

Also, as expected, searches related to faith and religion, even in terms of music and film experience a surge in numbers. during the holy season.


Here comes the surprise! During the month of Ramadan, watchtimes of animated movies goes up significantly. On second thought, given the fact that every kid in the region is on a summer break chilling at home, kids entertainment would take the front seat in every household. Customised content, curated playlists and brand engagement are all opportunities that understanding this data creates for you.

Watch time for content related to ‘TV drama series’ rises a staggering 151% in Ramadan compared to any other period in the year. And viewers are actively interacting with the content, with likes increasing 447%, sharing rising by 228%, comments increasing 431% and subscribers gained spiking by a whopping 490%.

Fashion & Beauty

The month might be slim pickings for certain businesses but for the ever-thriving fashion and beauty industry Ramadan is one of the busiest periods of the year. The hair-care category along with fragrances see some drastic spike of 18% and 22% respectively. The makeup segment witnesses a 8% rise, finally peaking around Eid.  

Automobile Industry

Ramadan is one of the best times to purchase a new vehicle anywhere in the middle east. Ramadan-Exclusive offers are extremely popular among the automobile giants of the region and thus a heightened interest in automobiles among the population is understandable during Ramadan. Fun fact: The last Ramadan saw a particular spike in interest for luxury cars (↑9%) and SUVs (↑5%).

After Ramadan

As the month winds down and Eid break beckons, with people coming back after a summer break or tourists returning to the golden dunes of the middle east, air travel and hotel searches surge by about 20% and 25%, respectively. Eid sees the busiest search activity in the year, second only to New Years.



  • Tie your content back to the Ramadan experience rather than just the product
  • Provide entertaining content users can engage with
  • Experiment with longer form “entertainment”-style content and gauge user response


  • Add a mobile element to all campaigns
  • Make sure all creatives are mobile friendly
  • Remember, mobile-first is the way ahead


  • Capture the search and promotion traffic
  • Customize your ad-text to the season and its keywords
  • Enable extensions to get real estate and more engagement


  • Use TrueView, First Watch, Banner ads and Engagement ads to promote your videos
  • Ensure that there is a call to action on your videos, making it easier to viewers to directly engage with your brand
  • Make sure you amplify your videos through TV scheduling and using bumper ads as well

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