You already have your online business up and running, but now what you need most is to get good quality, organic traffic and ultimately sales.

So how do you get it?

Everyone knows that SEO is crucial for organic traffic, but not many people know how to do it well.  So to help here are nine great tips to help you become an SEO expert!

1. Create accounts for Webmaster

The first thing to do once your new online store is ready is to create a Webmaster account in Google and Bing. The Webmaster will help you to identify if the search engines are having any problems finding or viewing your site. Do not forget to put the sitemap of your website for indexing. Otherwise, it will take longer to appear in the results. Webmaster tool is an important part of your digital marketing and in this article, you can read more about it.


2. Meta Tags

Meta tags are one of the essential parts of your site to ensure it indexes in the search engines.

Page titles: are used as a ranking factor nowadays, so they must contain the keywords we need to attract the users we need. For example, if my online store sells products for men then, the page title should say something like this: ” Buy top quality Men’s Sports Shoes .” In this title, I have the keywords “Men Sports Shoes” that I have chosen for my users to find my business.

Meta description: should be used to give information about your products or pages. Here, it is also important to enter the appropriate keywords, to use as reinforcement. This description is the one that appears in the Google search results.

Therefore, when we are writing descriptions we much keep search engines in our mind but remember that it must be written in a way that we can attract the attention of the user, and make them intrigued to find out more about your store, so strive to create clear, direct and creative descriptions.

Here you can find best practices for Meta Tags Optimization.

3. Troubleshoot template

Nowadays, the majority of templates for online stores we use are not configured correctly for the use of ALT tags or title tags, therefore you need to rectify this accordingly.

To some extent, it will depend on the chosen theme but you need to add rich snippets (Rich Snippet), Facebook Open Graph tags, Twitter cards, etc. All these are essential for our SEO strategies to be successful in the search engines, and above all, it is a way of utilizing the social networks.

4. Optimize Speed

Google penalizes slow loading websites and puts a lot of emphasis on sites which give a positive user experience. Therefore if you have a slow website, Google will rank you lower, because your site offers a bad user experience. For this reason, you need to make sure that your website loads fast, that will be beneficial for both, users and search engines. An easy way to check how fast is your website on PageSpeed Test.

Conceot of competition with two running businessman in a track

5. Create Social Network Accounts

We all know that social media is one of the best ways for people to learn about the brand and products. But choose the most appropriate channels and analyze the results you are getting from them to ensure your target audience is being reached. Having clear strategies for each of your social networks will give you better results.

6. Start monitoring your site and your competition

You need to constantly monitor your site to see how well or poorly you are doing with regards to search engine visibility. At the same time, you also need to keep an eye on your competition.

Google Analytics tool will help with this analysis and other tools include Raven and Moz which together give you all the analytics and data you need to maximize your traffic and conversions.


7. Build strong good local SEO through White Spark

Having an effective local SEO strategy is important. Google helps us a lot with Google Business to position us locally, but some tools increase the potential of our SEO locally. We think that one of the best is White Spark and it gives you a free trial. So give it a try!

8. Start a Blog

One of the best SEO strategies is to have a blog, where you generate content about your products, relevant information your audience would be interested in or diverse information related to your store.

You should consider what content will be engaging and help you build a brand and trust such as advice, videos, latest news, inspirations, etc. In other words, create a content that is valuable and useful to the reader, whilst being related to your subject. There are some tips how to optimize your blog content for search engine.

Over time you’ll see what kind of information your target audience is interested in the most. Use this analysis to create content that will attract more of your audience. In this way, you will generate lots of traffic to your online store, that might become potential buyers.

9. Become a Reference

The best way to increase sales is to drive referrals and word of mouth.

However, we all know that this is not easy, and it takes time to build a good brand online. We’d advise you to join forums and other places of interest, according to the product you sell and participate in conversations about your product.

Remember, do not ask anybody to come to your website, first, you need to create a trust. I recommend you put a link to your online store at the end of each message, so if someone is interested they can follow the link. This subtle form of marketing means that the user does not think that you are spamming, and thus increase the optimization of your SEO, generating more links and getting more traffic through these links.

Follow these nine tips will help you optimize your online store for organic traffic. But remember that SEO takes time, the results are not overnight and you need to be patient. If you require a professional assistance, we are Zoom Digital and we will be happy to assist you with search engine optimization.