You know what it’s like.  You start off with the best of intentions.  You feel keen and full of excitement.  After a few weeks the novelty starts wearing off, the cracks appear and you begin running out of steam.

No, we’re not talking about going to the gym, but managing your company’s social media channels.

Constantly coming up with great ideas for social media posts and scouring the web for the most engaging content can quickly become a chore and the bane of your life if you’re not careful.

Don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  All marketers have been there.

However, with a proper plan and strategy in place from the outset you can save yourself a whole lot of effort, stress and worry. Here are some ideas to get you started and help you employ an awesome social media strategy in just a few hours a week.

Be Realistic

Set yourself achievable goals.  If you’re a one man band then don’t try and post 10 times a day.  It will take over your life. Instead aim to post maybe once a day on Facebook and a few times a day on Twitter.  Quality of content and consistency of posting is more important than posting rubbish for the sake of it.

Use third party content

You don’t have to be continuously posting your own groundbreaking analysis of the latest hot topics.  Post interesting articles that you come across from quality writers that you know your followers would be interested in.

Create a content calendar

Spend a couple of hours each month pulling together content ideas for the next 4 weeks and put them into a calendar.  It will get you organised and save you from the daily grind of coming up with new ideas.

Use a scheduling platform

Whilst you’re creating your calendar you could also be populating scheduling tools like HootSuite, Sprout Social or Buffer to help you manage and keep track of your posts across all of your social channels and help analyse the results of your efforts

Go one step better

Or you could even use a social media scheduling tool that repurposes your content to ensure a never ending flow. MeetEdgar does just that. You tell it what networks you want to publish on, what types of updates you want to share and it builds up a library from previous posts to use at a later date.

Use free tools

There are lots of free or low cost tools you could use to help you find content and make the content you post more interesting and engaging. Set up Google Alerts for topics your audience are interested in.  When you see an great piece of content then share it.  Or use Canva to quickly and easily create cool graphics.

Repurpose content

On that note don’t be afraid to repost previous content, rehash old content or break up larger articles or white papers into bitesize chunks. It’s good practice to do so and the reality is most of your followers wouldn’t have seen it first time around anyway.

Don’t try and be all things to all people

Really get to understand your audience and crunch the numbers to see what type of posts are getting the most engagement.  Then, focus on where you get the best return and produce content which fits that bill rather than creating a diverse range of content that gets a mixed response.

This is just a few examples and ideas as to how you can make management of your social media networks more effective and efficient.  If you need some additional support or advice we’re here at Zoom ready and waiting to provide that assistance.  So please do get in touch.