01. Designing For Bigger Screens
The new generation of over sized smartphones and phablets come in bigger screens as people want to use more visual content on mobile devices. This is the reason that the phablet market is expected to grow by 36% until 2018 as compared to a growth of just 4% for smaller smartphones.
But mobile app design for larger screens has its own challenges. Some changes have to be made in UI/UX and navigation. Moreover, only less than a fourth of the screen area is in the range of the comfortable reach of users’ thumb. For Example, iPhone 6 Plus has a wider screen, most of which is not easily accessible to the users’ thumb. So, designing of apps for bigger screen is a trend but comes with its own challenges.

02. Simplified User Interface
The app designers have the inclination towards creating simplified user interface. They understand that the interface should be simple and clear for better functionality. Most of the UI designs are flat designs to suit digital screens. The salient features of simplified graphic design services UI include:

  • Clarity and functionality of the UI
  • Taking advantages of digital screens
  • Elements of minimalism taken in UI design
  • Blank screen space
  • Make sure that you keep your user interface simple to create user-friendly mobile app designs. Simplicity is in fact a common characteristics of all graphic designs such as a logo design.

03. Swiping Is The Main Gesture
Another mobile app design trend to be watched in 2018 is further improvements in the swipe feature. The mobile phone screen already have swipe feature but there is a scope for the improvement. The buttons were too small to tap in the early years of the app designs. Now the buttons are large enough to swipe them easily. New trends in the swipe feature are likely to include:
The designers may take inspiration from card-based feeds in Pinterest board and Twitter
They may combine the features of card layouts and universal swipe

04. More Navigational Options
Easy and creative navigational buttons is the new app trend that the designers are picking fast in 2018. Clear navigation through apps is the key to a successful app design.
Here are some of the salient feature in this design trend:

  • More navigational options such as vertical, modular and horizontal, hidden navigation and parallax scrolling
  • Navigational button that appears on the screen for sometime and disappears on prolonged inaction
  • Modular scrolling to scroll through rows of information
  • Infinite scrolling for mobile applications having huge amount of data and content
  • Parallax scrolling for intuitive navigation

05. Dynamic Functional Animation
One of the most popular app design trends gaining momentum in 2018 is creating dynamic and functional animation, which are eye-catching elements. These app designs are particularly useful for creating outstanding designs to draw attention and for improved user experience. So, animation is no longer restricted to the games and has now entered the realm of mobile app designs. The designers will use the animation feature also to:

06. Storytelling And Branding
Most of the businesses are recognizing that their mobile apps can play a key role in creating a meaningful and long lasting relationship with customers. Keeping this in mind, they are creating mobile app designs that tell a brand story. Such designs are specially helpful in creating a loyalty program and to build a solid customer base. Illustration and graphics are being increasingly used to tell a brand story.

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