Consistently writing good quality content, blog posts and regularly coming up with new things to write about takes a lot of effort, dedication and creativity. But the rewards can be significant if you get it right. Here are a few of our top tips to help you succeed…

Who are you talking to?

Firstly, always think about your audience and write for the person that is going to be reading your blog posts or articles. Who are they, what information do they need, how can you best serve their needs?

Be Human

Don’t be tempted to write blogs just for the benefit of search engines and stuff in a bunch of ‘keywords’. Write for people – so in a natural, conversational and friendly style whilst still keeping Google in the back of your mind!

Avoid keyword stuffing

Don’t repeat the same keywords or subjects over and over again. The search engines are sophisticated enough to identify topics, without the need to include the same phrases multiple times

Make a difference

The aim of your blog post should be to provide some genuine value to whoever is reading it. So although you don’t want to give all of your best secrets away do be generous with your advice.

Be Interesting

The article heading in should be interesting, engaging and catch the attention whilst still being professional. Always break up the article with headings or bullet points so it’s not a wall of text and is easier to digest or skim read.

First Impressions

The first few lines of the post are the most important. So introduce your topic and provide a brief overview as to what the article is about. Make it punchy and explain the benefit they will get from reading more.

These tips will all help to improve your blog, but unless you love writing it can become a chore. At Zoom Digital we do love writing and can turn our hand to most topics so get in touch today and see how we can help.