“If your business is not on the internet, your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates

This quote from one of the most successful people in the world couldn’t be more accurate in the current day and age. In fact, now, it’s not just about having an online presence. It’s about excelling in marketing strategies and ensuring ideal client engagement. For example, if you’re in Dubai, nothing short of the best digital marketing agency in Dubai will be sufficient. The list of tactics that are important for you to use in your marketing strategies include:

Video Content:

This is the 21st century and everyone has a smartphone. That means, not only are they all making videos, they’re also watching them like never before. YouTube has recorded over 500 million hours of watched videos on a daily basis. The number of users that view videos on Facebook and YouTube for at least an hour in a week amount to 45% of total users. Even Twitter has recorded 82% of its users engaging with video content.

These facts are enough for anyone to see and understand the changing trends of the online markets. Thus, if you wish to market your business online and improve client engagement, you need to create interactive video content. Some good examples of this can be of videos that prompt responses or offer 360-degree content. People are more likely to watch a full 360-degree or panoramic view than a regular video. However, if the simple video format includes top-notch content, it’s likely to rank high on Facebook Watch or YouTube trending videos.

Customer Engagement:

It’s no secret that clients, especially those who wish to gain information only, are not going to become buyers instantly.

You wouldn’t like to waste a lot of time and resources in conversions and reaching out to potentially interested people if you have serious buyers on the website.

However, you don’t wish to close your doors to cold leads either. Who knows when they decide to buy your product?

That’s why you should keep your communication channels open. Chatbots are a great way to do just that. You need users to stay after driving traffic to your website. And chatbots can play a vital role in doing this.

Chatbots can be programmed to have all the answers to all specific questions. No matter what the customer or visitor asks,chatbot on your website can understand the target keyword and offer information. Furthermore, you can also have live agents who can offer not just information but support as well.

It’s way better to chat with your existing and potential customers than to have them call you. There will be no such issues that people commonly face when reaching out to a business like long waiting time and high call charges. On the other hand, using the live chat facility is free for users and one can easily handle most of the possible scenarios while retaining customer satisfaction.

Reviews and Feedback:

Nobody thinks of a better brand than the one that respects and appreciates their opinion. It won’t hurt to reply to your customers on their comments, feedback and reviews. You can hire social media managers to do just that if you don’t have the time. Not only does it improve your ratings exponentially, it also helps you analyze what the consumers want. A great example of this is how app developers use customer feedback to improve their software and release updates that cater to problems. People are more likely to trust brands that cater to their problems and offer personalized engagement. Which brings us to our next point.

Social Media:

It’s useless to market your business if you’re not doing it on social media. No matter what your target audience is, they’re bound to be on some social media platform or another. In fact, it could even be a small network of people engaging in a specific group that would be your ideal audience. The only way to find these networks and engage with them is if you have a strong social media presence.

We all know that nobody would respond to any unknown person sliding into their DMs (direct messages). That’s why you’re required to have a validated, verified and trustable presence that engages on a regular basis. Only then will you be able to connect with these users and offer them something they can consider seriously.

Again, you can use social media managers in this regard who can find the perfect audience for you. It’s likely that you might have to consider using social media influencers to market your business. That, in itself, would be much better than to run targeted ads that will take time, money and be useless until an actual lead comes up. By paying or sponsoring these influencers, not only do you get publicity and promotion, you also get their endorsement. And if you’ve been noticing how effective these influencers have been, you’ll know it’s definitely worth it. Brand awareness campaigns don’t get any better than this.

Realistic, Researched and Helpful Content:

Google has been very serious about how much it values content in 2020. Unless you are providing the most accurate and helpful content that satisfies the user’s search intent, it won’t rank. That means, your content needs to be researched, factual and fulfilling the users’ needs. Consult any SEO Dubai services expert and they will tell you the importance of realistic, helpful, and well-researched content..

If a user is looking to make a transaction, offer the best product with the right and specific details. Similarly, if a user is looking for information, your content should be detailed, factual and accurate. You can get an idea of the accuracy Google wants from you by understanding how it looks up authors. An author of health and fitness won’t be considered a reliable source for tips on investment opportunities in the stock market.

These are just some of the tips you need to follow in order to rank your website on top.

Creative and Short Content:

Although you need to cater to the users’ search intent, it is important to make them visit your website as well. To do that, you can use short, creative and attractive content that makes them curious enough to open your website’s link. An example of this scenario is the SERPs and how ‘featured snippets’ and quick answers are what most google searches are for. Users are looking for quick answers and if you don’t provide them, you won’t appear on top. Similarly, you don’t want the user to get the answer and go away without opening your website’s link. That’s why you need to make your content short, sharp, incredibly attractive and interesting. You want the user to know a gist of what they’re looking for but do so in a way that’ll make them open your link. Get creative and watch how the people ranking on top are doing it.

The Summary:

Here’s a list of all that we covered in the article:

  •       Make interactive and creative video content that appeals to people on every platform.
  •       Engage with customers using social media or chatbots on your website.
  •       Respond to customers’ feedback and reviews and cater to their evolving needs to improve your product/service.
  •       Use social media and influencers to market your business. Endorsements and publicity along with refined searches for specified target audiences are important.
  •       Your content needs to cater to the needs of the users that are searching for either information, transactions, etc.
  •       Make sure to provide the right answers but don’t give it away quickly. Use creativity to lure them to your website.

All in all, these are some of the major tactics of digital marketing that you need to follow in 2020. Hiring a good company to help you do all of this is one way to go about it. Either way, even if you go about it on your own, you need the best digital solutions.