In the era of breakneck competition among brands and lightening quick customer service, the emerging tools have made it easier to create messenger bots that improve customer care, collect and score leads, and automate funnels.
Add to that the ability to serve ads inside Messenger, and it’s no wonder the messenger platform has moved to the front of many marketing plans. By combining Facebook Messenger with your Facebook Business page, you can create a more effective, efficient channel for both marketing and customer care.
Facebook Messenger is fast, mobile, and efficient, which makes it a great tool for business/customer interactions and a valuable platform for customer care. The good news is you don’t have to create your own plugin. You can do a lot to improve your customer care simply by using the features of Messenger itself.
First, you can use Messenger to initiate a private conversation with anyone who posts on your page or comments on your posts. This relatively new feature allows your customer care team to stay on the lookout for ways to start private conversations.

Well, like this.

Keeping Your Subscribers Engaged With a Facebook Messenger Chatbot
You can create a messenger chatbot with a tool like Chatfuel, Botsify, or OnSequel. These are easy to use and don’t require any complicated programming. They’re based on a menu system you select, and using them is fairly straightforward.

Aside from customer service, you can also use a Messenger Bot Sequence to automatically send messages about interesting content and great deals to your subscribers. This allows you to create multiple touch points to engage with subscribers, build trust, and deliver value. Ultimately, it can be an extremely useful tool in helping you move users along the customer journey.

Use Facebook’s Updated Inbox to Listen for and Manage Customer Conversations on Messenger
If you receive a large volume of messages, one of the challenges of online social care is listening for and managing messages across platforms. That’s even more challenging given 42% of consumers posting a complaint on social media expect a 60-minute response time.

Find a Balance Between Technology and the Human Touch
All the technology in the world won’t help you build better relationships with your customers and resolve important issues if you don’t also emphasize the human touch. People quickly get frustrated when a real person isn’t available. (Just think of how annoying those long phone menus can be when they take you around in circles and put you on hold for a long time.)
You can also add Facebook Customer Chat to your website – in fact, we’d highly recommend you do so.

Setting Up Facebook Messenger Ads
Messenger ads display inside the messenger app on the home tab. Used effectively, they can greatly increase the likelihood of people interacting with your business. They can be configured from within Facebook Ad Manager in much the same way as a regular ad.
You can also use Sponsored Message Ads to start a conversation with customers right inside messenger, though this will require a bit of additional configuration.

For more information about setting up your customer care through Facebook Messenger and other chat options,  schedule a meeting with us and we will be happy to help.