2018 has been a big year for influencer marketing. The number of brands allocating bigger budgets to this channel has shown a dramatic increase and is continuing to grow rapidly with many now viewing it as a crucial and valuable addition to their marketing toolbox.

The idea of influencer marketing is by no means new- celebrity endorsement has long been used by brands as a way to advertise new products to their fans. But today, influencer marketing can be described as a hybrid of old and new marketing strategies. In today’s digital age, social media has truly reconfigured the influencer marketing game. Along with celebrities, there is now a whole ocean of social media stars who come from a variety of backgrounds and industries. These individuals have the ability to influence others, allowing them to give a human voice for brands wanting to partner with them in order to advertise to their large online followings.

Influencer marketing is much less direct than traditional forms of marketing, creating a more authentic relationship between brands, influences, and customers. With more businesses getting ready to leverage the power of influence marketing, let’s take a look at some key trends to keep an eye on this year.

Live content
Creating live content is an influencer marketing trend that will without a doubt be a roaring success in 2019. Several studies show that live videos are 80% more attractive to an audience than a blog article or a post on social media.

Measuring ROI
Another key influence marketing trend for 2019 will be measuring ROI, which will provide brands with data, such as the total earned media of a campaign. Knowing which type of marketing actions provide more value for your brand is crucial for determining what type of campaigns and which platforms are best for your audience .

The possibility of integrating market metrics on social networks allows you to see if a campaign is getting a positive return on investment. Knowing which type of marketing actions provides more value for your brand is crucial for determining what type of campaigns and which platforms are best for your audience. Measuring ROI and data such as earned media, will be a key trend for 2019. Knowing beforehand the benefits of the different metrics before determining your campaign objectives, choosing optimal marketing actions to get the best results and knowing the metrics to follow on each social media platform is just some of the indispensable parameters which will dominate influence market in 2019.

Increasing emphasis on influencer marketing.
Today, brands are focusing their efforts on the places where their audiences are spending their time — online, and often on social media. Businesses are finding a solid return when it comes to influence markets. According to a recent study, businesses are making $7.65 on an average for every $1 spent, so it’s no surprise that influence-marketing platforms have more than doubled in the last two years. Influencer marketing is incredibly effective because we inherently trust the people we follow on social networks. After all, we wouldn’t be following them if we didn’t like them! So when an influence sincerely advocates for a service or product, their audience listens.

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